Smithsonian Learning Lab

As a complement to the exhibition, the Smithsonian Learning Lab offers educational resources to explore Huerta's public life as an activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers  (UFW) and what led her to become a Latina civil rights icon.

Users will broaden their understanding of the farm workers movement through a careful look at Dolores Huerta's significant - but often under-acknowledged - contributions. The exhibition and educational resources also explore how workers of different ethnic and racial backgrounds came together to empower the movement and how the arts played an essential role. In addition, users will come to understand Huerta's far-reaching impact and important legacy.

The resources in this collection include a bilingual community engagement resource to promote dialogue on issues that relate to social justice, activism, leadership, etc. A few activities that can be used in the classroom or when you visit the exhibition at your local museum. 

To access the Smithsonian Learning Lab, please click on the corresponding age level.

Primary (5-8 years old)

Elementary (9-12)

Middle School (13-15)

High School/Post Secondary (16-18)

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