John Spoor Broome Library
One University Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012

Main Telephone: (805) 437-8561
Main Fax: (805) 437-8569

Staff Directory

Steve Brogden
Public Services Librarian
Tel:(805) 437-3362

Linda Carroll
Public Services Librarian
Tel: (805) 437-3256

Nina Clements
Librarian and Information Literacy Coordinator
Tel: (805) 437-2035

Matthew Cook
Head of Unique Collections and Scholarly Communication
Tel: (805) 437-3653

Barbara Cullin
WASC and Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Tel: (805) 437-8998

Peter Hadley
Public Services Librarian
Tel: (805) 437-3362

Colleen S. Harris
Digital and Data Services Librarian
Tel: (805) 437-3140

Riki Hernandez
Library Services Specialist II: Circulation and Stacks
Tel: (805) 437-3379

Ben Hipple
Library Services Specialist I: Digital Equipment
Tel: (805) 437-3182

Debra Hoffmann
Head of Public Services and Outreach
Tel: (805) 437-2701

Sebastian Hunt
Library Services Specialist II: Digital Resources
Tel: (805) 437-3976

Sohui Lee
Faculty Director and Assistant Professor
Writing & Multiliteracy Center
Tel: (805) 437-2057

Terri Mansour
Library Services Specialist II: Reserves
Tel: (805) 437-8931

Abigail Michelini
Assistant Director and Lecturer
Writing & Multiliteracy Center
Tel: (805) 437-3290

Marisa Ortega
Administrative Support Assistant
Writing & Multiliteracy Center
Tel: (805) 437-8934

Monica Pereira
Collections Coordinator
Tel: (805) 437-3654

Janet Pinkley
Head of Access Services
Tel: (805) 437-3217

Janine Pitt
Library Services Specialist III: Acquisitions and Cataloging
Tel: (805) 437-3348

Martha Reyes
Manager of Library Staff and Academic Resources Manager
Tel: (805) 437-8560

Marco Ruiz
Library Programmer
Tel: (805) 437-3183

Christina Salazar
Systems and Web Coordinator

Tel: (805) 437-3198

Corey Schroeder
Library Services Specialist III: Interlibrary Loan
Tel: (805) 437-3761

Michael Schumacher
Library Services Specialist I: Facilities
Tel: (805) 437-2631

Elizabeth Skartvedt
Library Services Specialist I: Streaming Media
Tel: (805) 437-3180

Steve Stratton
Head of Collections and Technical Services
Tel: (805) 437-8913

Evelyn Taylor
Library Services Specialist III: Archives
Tel: (805) 437-8830

Amy Wallace
Dean, John Spoor Broome Library and AVP, Continuous Improvement
Tel: (805) 437-8911

Laura Worden
Original Cataloging and Public Services Librarian
Tel: (805) 437-2632