The John Spoor Broome Library contains collections of varying forms and formats. Its holdings include a collection of physical books, as well as online and open journals, online databases, and e-books. The archive and special collection departments contain physical material, but also digital photos, audio and video recordings, and other digital graphic items. The Library also supports faculty, staff, and student work using Scholarworks, which facilitates preservation and access to their capstone projects, datasets, journal articles, posters, theses and other works.

  • Special Collections

    The John Spoor Broome Library's Special Collections preserves materials that reflect the history of CSU Channel Islands and Ventura County at large. We strive to provide our community with access to digital and physical collections that will further the understanding of our communities.

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  • Archives

    The John Spoor Broome Library's Archives acquires primary and secondary source research materials that pertain to Ventura County history. The materials must reference significant or notable personalities, events, and topics of interest generating from or about Ventura County. The Archives also collects materials relevant to the University’s history and its current curriculum.

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  • University Scholarship

    The John Spoor Broome Library supports University Scholarship by providing access to open journals and digital repository platforms.

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