The John Spoor Broome Library will digitize and link library-owned media (audio/video) to your CILearn course site. The library also takes media purchase requests and donations under consideration.

Library-owned media will be linked to your CILearn class within three business days. Please note that, in the event a purchase request is approved, it may take up to six weeks to fulfill a request.

Requesting New Media

(not previously used in your CILearn class)

Media may be requested in either of two ways:

  1. Complete the Online Streaming Media Request Form, or
  2. Send an email to streaming.media@csuci.edu with the following information:
    • Media Requested
    • Canvas Class

Re-linking previously used media to a new class/semester

  1. To transfer media links yourself, you may follow the instructions for Copying Sharestream Media Into a New Course. Please note that these instructions can be used only the first time you enable and click on Sharestream Pick-N-Play (new) in a new class. Or,
  2. If you prefer to have the library transfer the links, please send an email request to streaming.media@csuci.edu

Finding Media Resources

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