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The Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection State Senate Papers 1961-1974

File Arrangement

The collection is arranged in chronological order, (usually) beginning with 1961 and concluding with early 1974. The Senate Legislative Files - Record Group 1 - are arranged according to the following issues/topics, which are further categorized into subtopics. The arrangement of the record group in this manner should assist the researcher in (1) locating a specific subject matter of interest (i.e., Environment – Union Oil Spill), or (2) pursuing general topics under one particular theme (i.e., Environment).

The remaining record groups and their series materials are organized on a yearly basis and most will follow the Issue Files topical arrangement. See specific notes denoted under each record group.

Issues/Topics in Collection:

Agriculture (AGR)
Civil Rights (CIV)
Communications (COM)
Crime (CRI)
Drugs (DRU)
Economics (ECO)
Education (EDU)
Election (ELE)
Energy (ENE)
Environment (ENV)
Family (FAM)
Foreign Affairs (FOR)
Health (HEA)
Housing (HOU)
Human Rights (HUM)
Immigration (IMM)
Interior (INT)
Judiciary (JUD)
Labor (LAB)
Military (MIL)
Space (SPA)
Trade (TRA)
Transportation (TRAN)
Women's Issues (WOM)

For more information about the Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection State Senate Papers, please contact University Archivist, Evelyn Taylor.