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Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection Federal Papers

Collection Scope

The Federal Collection itself is divided into fourteen manuscript record groups, that is, groups of records which are characterized and arranged by their similar content. Those records groups are:

  1. Legislative Issue Files
  2. Constituent Files
  3. Voting Record Files
  4. Co-Sponsored Bill Files
  5. Committee on Committees Files
  6. Committee on Interior and Insular Files
  7. The Watergate Hearing Files
  8. Congressional Office Files
  9. Press Release Files
  10. Speech Files
  11. Newsletter Files
  12. Notepad Files
  13. Newspaper Article Files
  14. Post-Congressional Files, which consist of documents dated 1993 to the current day.

The collection is also separated into non-manuscript materials:

  1. Certificates
  2. Plaques and Trophies
  3. Gifts and Memorabilia
  4. Books
  5. Office Wall Decorations
  6. Video Collection

The Federal Collection is divided by congressional terms, which are every two years. It is arranged according to the issues/topics, which are further categorized into subcategories (or subseries). The arrangement of the Legislative Issue Files in this manner should assist the researcher in either (1) locating a specific subject matter of interest (i.e., Military - Persian Gulf War) or (2) pursuing general topics under one particular theme (Military) within that group of records or in another group, such as Voting Records or Co-Sponsored Bills.

The Lagomarsino Archives also maintains its own Special Collections, consisting of original (signed) letters from the administrations of Nixon to Bush and autographed photographs from celebrities and governmental officials.

For more information about the Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection Federal Papers, please contact University Archivist, Evelyn Taylor.