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Record Group 3: Voting Record Files

1973-1992 (Congressional Terms: 93-102)
Document Cases: RJL 3/1-39

The voting record files parallel the session dates of Congress; however, they are not separated into subgroups by Congressional terms. Instead, the documents filed under this record group are categorized into the following series of records:

Series I: Legislative Activity Guide - A month-to-month recordation of daily activities within the House. This includes a synopsis of resolutions on the floor, by whom, and the outcome (motions, "Yeas" and "Nays"). The Guide not only includes Congressman Lagomarsino's voting activity, but also a detailed explanation of all other voting activity, such as voice, division, and teller votes.
Series II: Bill Synopsis - A synopsis of each bill introduced, indicating sponsorship, final vote, detailed description, and amendments (if applicable). Categorized by topics described under CONTENT SCOPE of the Finding Guide.
Series III: Weekly Voting Record Consists of actual pages from the House Congressional Record re: synopsis of House Resolutions (H.R.) and result. Additional personal notations are included.
Series IV:

Individual Record and Subject Guide - Includes the following subseries:

Subseries I: Category Books which organize Resolutions (House or Senate) into the general topics described under CONTENT SCOPE of the Finding Guide. The bills are listed in chronological detail, with description, roll call, and outcome provided.

Subseries II: Individual Records which consist of Congressman Lagomarsino's voting and attendance records. The voting record includes the date, the page in the Congressional Records, a brief description, Lagomarsino's response, and the total vote or response.

Lagomarsino's personal cumulative voting record is also noted.

Subseries III: Roll Call Subject Guides provide a general categorization of House Resolutions by date, a brief description of the bill on the floor for that day, and the outcome.

Series V:

Vote Analysis and Justification - Includes the following subseries:

Subseries I: The House Record Vote Analysis is a computer print-out which provides an exceedingly detailed description re: the congressional bill, the action taken (whether the bill was passed), and the vote count ("Yeas" and "Nays"). The print-out also supplies the Public Law Number and Legislative Digest pages.

Subseries II: The Republican Study Committee's "Congressional Veto of Executive Actions", a memorandum discussing the tilt of legislative power towards the Executive Branch.

Subseries III: The Republican Study Committee's "Vote Justifications", a synopsis of particular bills in the House, the representatives and their amendments which relate to that bill, and the outcome. Also included is a brief outline of [the] "reasoning one may use in justifying a conservative voting position on these votes."

Series VI:

Questionnaires and Form Responses ("A"-"H") - Consists of:

Subseries I: Constituent group or organization questionnaires to Congressman Lagomarsino regarding his voting record or stance on various topical issues and

Subseries II: Congressman Lagomarsino's form responses to individual constituents regarding his voting record or position on various topical issues. Note: This subseries is complete, despite a lack of topics from "I" to "Z".

Additional notation: This subseries encompasses only the 99-100 Congress (1985-1988).

Series VII:

Form Responses (Topical) - These are similar to the Form Responses in Series VII, except that they are general responses, with no addressee on the letter. Note: This subseries is complete, despite a lack of topics from "A" to "Z".

Additional notation: This subseries encompasses only the 99-100 - 101-102 Congresses (1985-1992).

Series VIII:

Legislative Profile - Consists of:

Subseries I: Legislative Profiles prepared by the Committee on House Administration for Congressman Lagomarsino and encompasses the following: (1) List of Sponsored Measures; (2) List of Co-Sponsored Measures; (3) List of Sponsored Measures Organized by Committee Referral; and (4) List of Co-Sponsored Measures Organized by Committee Referral. Note: This subseries begins with January 1977.

Subseries II: "Members of the California Legislature and Other State Officials", which is a manuscript summation of prominent legislatures from 1981-1983.

Subseries III: "Legislative Digest", a House Republican Conference summary of amendments on a weekly basis.

Subseries IV: "How They Voted" from The Business Advocate re: the First Session of the 100th Congress (1987).

Subseries V: "How They Voted" from The Business Advocate re: the First Session of 101st Congress (1989).

Subseries VI: Liberty Ledger re: the First Session of the 101st Congress (1989).

Subseries VII: House Resolutions re: Foreign Affairs. Details the bill, the Public Law number; the sponsor and co-sponsor, the final vote, and the administrative position ("Signed by the President"). Note: These are only available for the 101-102 Congress (1989-1992).

Series IX: Congressional Records - Contains original Congressional Record pages beginning with 1974.

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