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Record Group 14: Post-Congressional Files

Document Cases: RJL 14/1-11

The post-congressional files are a reflection of both the past and the current. The materials are arranged into three subgroups by chronological order.

Those topics designated by an asterisk (*) are deemed confidential, containing sensitive material protected by law or for display purposes only and will not be produced unless express consent is given by the subject individual. (See the 1974 FERPA legislation (also called "The Buckley Amendment") re: academic information and CA Civil Code Sections 1798.24-1798.24b.)

Subgroup I: Pre-Channel Islands - These files contain papers documenting the origin of the Lagomarsino Archives: the initial donation to California State University, Northridge's Ventura branch campus and later, its current home at Channel Islands. Included are inventory lists of transferred items, fundraising letters, promotional flyers, and newspaper articles.
Subgroup II: Lagomarsino Today - The second portion of the record group encompasses materials regarding Congressman Lagomarsino's public life today. Interviews given to television or newspaper/magazines reporters, editorials by the Congressman, and special functions attended by the Lagomarsinos are documented within these files.
Subgroup III: The Archives at Channel Islands - The continuing growth of the Lagomarsino Archives at Channel Islands encompasses the third tier of the post-congressional files. The files include media articles regarding the archives, archival-sponsored special events at the University, and general archives office-related material.

For more information about the Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection Federal papers, please contact University Archivist, Evelyn Taylor.