The Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection Federal Papers

File Arrangement

The collection's arrangement follows the session dates of Congress. Each Congress meets for two sessions, one per year. For instance, the 93rd Congress' first session, began Jan 3, 1973 and ended December 22, 1973; the second session began January 21, 1974 and ended December 20, 1974. The 94th Congress began its first session on January 14, 1975 and ended its second session on October 1, 1976.

The files originally maintained by the Congressman's office were arranged per every two Congresses (or four sessions) and that organization has been mirrored in the creation of these archival materials.

The materials are separated, unless otherwise stated, into the following general topics, which are further categorized into subtopics relating to the particular record group. For instance, in the Legislative Issue Files, Record Group 1, the arrangement of the collection in this manner should assist the researcher in either (1) locating a specific subject of interest (i.e., Military - Persian Gulf War) or (2) pursuing general topics under one general theme (i.e., Military).

Researchers should review the BOX LISTING of the archival office Finding Guide, for detailed descriptions of contents of all record groups.

Congressional Terms in Collection:

1973-197693-94 Congress1977-198095-96 Congress
1981-198497-98 Congress1985-198899-100 Congress
1989-1992101-102 Congress  

Issues/Topics in Collection:

Agriculture (AGR)
Civil Rights (CIV)
Communications (COM)
Crime (CRI)
Drugs (DRU)
Economics (ECO)
Education (EDU)
Election (ELE)
Energy (ENE)
Environment (ENV)
Family (FAM)
Federal Government (FED)
Foreign Affairs (FOR)
Health (HEA)
Housing (HOU)
Human Rights (HUM)
Immigration (IMM)
Interior (INT)
Judiciary (JUD)
Labor (LAB)
Military (MIL)
Space (SPA)
Trade (TRA)
Transportation (TRAN)
Women's Issues (WOM)

 For more information about the Robert J. Lagomarsino Collection Federal Papers, please contact University Archivist, Evelyn Taylor.