Topics of Interest in the Camarillo State Hospital Collection

There are many topics that can be explored using the Camarillo State Hospital Collection.  Below are some research ideas:

  • Admission Procedures
  • Building Functions And Locations
    • Closure
    • General Usage
  • CSU Task Force
  • Community Involvement
  • Events (openings, anniversaries, speakers)
  • Famous Or Noteworthy Patients
  • Fiscal Information
  • Historical Information
    • Pre-Hospital (Lewis family)
    • Hospital (facts and figures)
  • Investigations (alleged illicit activity and "scandals")
  • Movies Filmed On Grounds
  • Patient Rights: Lanterman-Petris-Short Act of 1967
  • Programs and Treatments for Children, Juveniles, and Adults
  • Staff (jobs and services)
  • Training Procedures
  • UCLA Clinical Research Unit
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