The Faculty Accomplishments database has been retired.  Accomplishments by Cal State University  Channel Islands faculty are now being deposited into ScholarWorks.  For more information about ScholarWorks and about the retiring of Faculty Accomplishments database please read below.

About ScholarWorks

Scholarworks is the CSU's shared institutional repository that houses the scholarship and creative works of faculty and students. It is a stable, trusted place to store green open access copies of published scholarly material, hosted datasets, capstone works, documentation, open educational resources (OERs), and beyond. ScholarWorks has a searchable interface that allows users to search, access, and cite the work of CSU contributors. This system is also crawled by Google Scholar, offering greater access to works published by our research community.

To submit your work to ScholarWorks, please contact

About the Faculty Accomplishments Database

The Faculty Accomplishments Database, a partnership created between Broome Library and Faculty Affairs, displayed citations to the many works and activities of CSUCI faculty. The database demonstrated to the robust accomplishments of the campus community and served to recognize the hard work of the faculty. 

During the last decade, conversation in the wider scholarly communication field shifted from recognition of work to access and use of work, especially in light of the rising costs of academic databases. This conversation fostered the Open Access Movement, which encouraged free and unrestricted access to scholarly material in support of ethical and just access to both faculty and students. To support these goals, Broome Library has sunset original Faculty Accomplishments Database, which consisted primarily of citations, to the ScholarWorks platform, which can house both the citations and files while providing a stable link. In addition, ScholarWorks supports greater and more granular data gathering that can measure the research impact of our campus.

For questions or concerns about this migration, please contact

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