Broome Room/Space Reservation Policy for both CI/non-CI requests

Broome Library permits individuals and groups to request the use of library spaces for activities in addition to instruction. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for those seeking to utilize library spaces. Requests for library spaces must be made through California State University Channel Islands (CI’s) Conferences & Events. All Room/Event space requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please Note: Some spaces in Broome Library are Academic Affairs classrooms, and may require Academic Affairs approval. This policy does not govern Student Study Rooms usage. Study Rooms are managed under a different reservation system. Please see Broome Library Student Study Rooms Policy for details.

Broome Library Rooms and Open Spaces

Library Event Spaces

  • May include library classrooms, meeting rooms, and designated open spaces.
    • BRO 1756/2480/2490 are Library academic classrooms and are not available for reservation

Student Study Room Spaces

Who is eligible to request a Library Room/Space reservation?**

  • Current CI Faculty, Staff, and Administration.
  • Members of the community may request to use the library spaces. All requesters must contact CI’s Conferences & Events.
    • Outside events are subject to approval by the library.
  • Student clubs may request library rooms through their club advisor or Student Organizations & Involvement via25Live).
  • Library-sponsored events will be given priority.

Reservation Approval

  • Requests must be made at least 2 weeks ahead of the requested date.
  • Approval of all reservations for library spaces is at the discretion of Broome Library.
  • Right of refusal: The Library reserves the right to refuse requests for space. Approval of the use of the Library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library or the University of the activity or viewpoints expressed during the presentation.
  • A response to requests for use of Library spaces will be provided by the Library within 3 business days.

When can events be held?

  • Events are typically held during Broome Library’s regular hours of operation.  See library hours for Broome Library’s current hours of operation.
  • External events shall not conflict with regular library operations.
  • Events Occurring “Outside” of Regular Library Hours: what constitutes “outside” of regular library hours will depend upon the library’s hours of operation at the time the event will take place. See library hours for current hours of operation.
  • Events held outside of regular library hours will be charged staff overtime. The Staff Services After Hours rates are based on a 2-staff/1-hour minimum. Contact Conferences & Events for more details.
  • Time for meeting setup and cleanup must be included in the reservation time scheduled. Access to library rooms before or after scheduled time may not be permitted. Events may be asked to vacate library rooms 30-minutes prior to the building closing.

Equipment for Events

  • Equipment for all events is limited to what is installed in library rooms. There are equipment instructions posted in the rooms. Orientation to the equipment can be arranged prior to the event via Conferences & Events. Technical assistance will not be available during the event unless prior arrangements have been made with Information Technology Services via the Conferences form.
  • All requests for special equipment and services must be specified when making the room reservation.
  • Library Classrooms: The library is not be responsible for loading special software onto student workstations in library classrooms, nor ensuring that classroom equipment or software works properly. 
  • Broome Library will not store equipment, supplies, displays, nor personal effects before or after meetings or events.

Set up, Break Down, and Custodial Services

Food Service: Food for events is the responsibility of the requester, as is the pickup and cleanup of food in library spaces. Events using food may be subject to a service fee including, but not limited to, clean up. See Conferences & Events for more details. Provision and serving of alcoholic beverages must adhere to CI’s University Policy SA.03.003 on alcohol.

Equipment and Materials: Delivery, set-up, and take-down of equipment, supplies, displays, and personal effects is the responsibility of the requestor. Equipment and event materials must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

Furnishings: Room furnishings shall not be removed nor added to any room without the library’s knowledge and participation.

Cleaning: By the scheduled end time of the event, all rooms shall be left in the same condition and configuration in which they were set up. This includes the cleanliness of tables, chairs, and floors, and room furniture setup. Conferences & Events may charge a cleaning fee if rooms are not cleaned and/or not returned to their original configurations.

Custodial services: Custodial services, including extra trash cans, must be arranged in advance through 25Live or Conferences & Events.

Additional Considerations:

Decorations:  Decorations are permitted, provided they are either freestanding or attached using a mild non-damaging adhesive (such as painter’s tape, etc.) At the conclusion of the event, all decorations must be removed along any adhesive residue.

Open flames: with the exception of UAS Hospitality Food Services, flames of any kind are prohibited in all library locations. Broome Library is a smoke-free facility, in accordance with CSU Executive Order 1108.

Noise: Broome Library reserves the right to refuse any request based on the determined or likely noise level of the event. Provisions for all technology, and technical support, are the responsibilities of the requester.  Sound amplification is permitted, but must not disrupt the use of the library by others in adjoining spaces.

Greeters/Signage: It is the responsibility of the requestor to arrange for greeters or signage to direct people to the appropriate room. This is especially important for events that are scheduled outside of regular library operating hours.

Parking: Requests for event parking are the responsibility of the event sponsors, and must be arranged through Parking Services.

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