California State University Channel Islands welcomes monetary or deferred gifts to the John Spoor Broome Library. Interested individuals may contact the University Advancement Office.

Broome Library also welcomes the donation of materials to the library. However, due to very limited shelf space and a limited curriculum, the University must adhere to a strict gift policy that unfortunately limits what we can accept.

The CSU Channel Islands Library encourages donations of:

  • Personal papers and artifacts of locally well-known and/or historically significant individuals and groups
  • Focused subject collections of material in excellent physical condition that support new, existing, or planned university educational programs
  • Recently published monographs, such as doctoral dissertations and scientific or legal research published by academic presses

The Library is unable to accept:

  • Textbooks
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Popular fiction
  • Journals, popular magazines, or periodicals
  • Books and other materials in poor condition
  • Books in languages not taught at the University or used widely in the community

Materials should be delivered to the Library.  Books should be delivered to campus so their appropriateness to the mission of the University can be assessed. A complete list or catalog of materials may be submitted to the library in the case of large collections, or a University staff member may visit a home or office to review the materials prior to making a decision on accepting the gift.  The Library must reserve the right to refuse any potential gift or donation and is not obliged to return unsolicited materials. Materials donated to the Library will be used as the Library determines.

 As with any other gift, the University cannot appraise gifts for tax purposes.  If the estimated value is $5,000 or more, the donor must have the value of the gift assessed by a professional appraiser.  As with any other gift, the University will provide the donor with a written acknowledgement that lists the nature and extent of the gift.


Please contact Monica Pereira at 805-437-3654 or to discuss donation of materials.

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