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Background Information

ScholarWorks is the shared open access, digital repository platform for the California State University System. The system uses a Samvera/Hyrax platform and is hosted through the Chancellor’s Office on a shared AWS instance. Each campus within the CSU system manages a campus instance within the platform. The system provides depositors with a stable digital object identifier (doi), repository metadata, and CSU branding within a searchable web interface that is open and accessible by the general public. Open access repositories exist as a method to combat the rising costs and issues associated with academic publishing models.

Deposit Information

The information provided below is based on the Content Scope Policy developed by CSU Libraries and the Chancellor’s Offices and expanded for CSUCI’s specific staffing and user needs.

For Undergraduate Work

Broome library actively accepts undergraduate work; however, undergraduate works should be submitted with the recommendation or approval from a faculty member. Departments can use ScholarWorks to support undergraduate curriculum by preserving and providing access to examples of exemplary work or teaching curriculum that encompasses academic publishing models and scholarly communication. Types of undergraduate work appropriate for ScholarWorks include:

  • Representative or exemplary capstone papers or projects
  • Datasets of long-term value
  • Products of undergraduate research (posters, conference proceedings, etc.)

Additional types and formats will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact scholarworks@csuci.edu with questions about undergraduate submission formats.

For Graduate Work

All graduating graduate students are encouraged to submit their electronic thesis paper/project or dissertation (also known as EDTs) to ScholarWorks. CSUCI does not partner with the ProQuest Theses/Dissertations Academic Database for a variety of reasons; however, ScholarWorks provides a stable, open access alternative for providing wider public access. When submitting EDTs to ScholarWorks, graduate students are provided with long term access to the thesis or dissertation, a stable digital object identifier (doi, known as a handle), and download statistics. Additionally, ScholarWorks supports the addition of other related files to the record. For example, graduate students can submit their data, posters, or other files along with the textual document.

For Faculty & Staff Members

ScholarWorks provides an option for faculty and staff to deposit a vast variety of works that represent their scholarly or creative output. Examples of this can include, but is not limited to:

  • Preprint copies of published journal articles
  • Openly licensed books
  • Posters
  • Conference notes or proceedings
  • Datasets
  • Presentations
  • Research projects
  • Software and code
  • Creative Material (with corresponding description and metadata)
  • Open Education Resources (OERs)*
  • Reports and white papers
  • Magazines or trade publications

*OERs can take nearly any format of submission (syllabi, videos, worksheets, podcasts, slides, textbooks, etc.), but must be licensed under a Creative Commons License that allows for derivative works. For more information about Creative Commons licensing, please contact ScholarWorks@csuci.edu.

Unpublished materials, manuscripts, and personal papers are typically not appropriate for ScholarWorks, but could be a good fit for one of the alternative systems listed below.

Alternative Options for Submission

Broome Library accepts additional student, faculty, and staff work not included in the above list; however, other repositories may be more appropriate to the purpose/nature of the work. Please consider the following alternatives if your work does not fit the above criteria:

  • Open Journal Systems @ JSBL: A platform for open academic journals published through Broome Library/CSU Libraries. Works that are published as serials within departments or on campus should consider using this platform, rather than ScholarWorks.

  • Broome Library Unique Collections & University Archives (DSpace): Works meant to represent historical significance (reflections, journals, etc.), as opposed to scholarly, creative, or research-related work should consider submitting to the Unique Collections or University Archives, either to a specific collection or as a new collection. Both physical and digital items may be submitted.

Depositors must hold the copyright or right to deposit for submitted materials. All depositors must include a signed submission agreement that acknowledges their copyright and gives John Spoor Broome Library permission to publish the work in ScholarWorks.

For faculty depositing published journal articles and other academic publications, please review your publishing agreement before submitting. Most academic publishers allow for a pre-print copy of journal articles to be deposited in an institutional open access repository. Additionally, the ScholarWorks platform can implement automated embargo periods up to ten years if required by a publisher.

For more information about copyright requirements or Open Access policies, please contact ScholarWorks@csuci.edu.

Supported File Format and Technical Information

Nearly all file types are acceptable for submission to ScholarWorks. Best practices for digital preservation encourage the submission of material in stable, archival-standard formats (for example: .pdf, .csv, .zip, etc.). System administrators will contact depositors if there are issues with a submission’s file format. ScholarWorks can deposit files up to 500MB and up to 100 individual files per submission.

How to Submit Works

To submit works to ScholarWorks, please follow the steps below:

  1. Gather your files for submission and make sure files larger than 500MB are zipped and/or broken into smaller files.
  2. Please complete and sign our submission agreement.
  3. Attach your signed submission agreement and your deposit files to an email addressed to ScholarWorks@csuci.edu.
  4. If your files are too large to attach to an email, please send a link via a file sharing service (Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox).
  5. Please respond to any email correspondence regarding your submission. System administrators may contact you regarding the details of your submission

Please allow two weeks for system administrators to process your submission. You will be contacted with a link to your finalized submission once it has been published to ScholarWorks.

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