Display Guidelines

Broome Library welcomes opportunities for CI departments, groups and individuals from the campus community to use the library display areas for the promotion of civic, cultural, educational, and public information. Broome Library uses display cases to further the CI mission and vision of supporting equity and inclusion in support of addressing the interests of the diverse CI student body. The library invites individuals and groups to share their artistic and informational materials with the community. All library displays are guided by the library’s mission and by campus policies on freedom of expression.

Please fill out the Library Display Request Form. This form must be completed prior to any use of the display case.   

Display Policy and Purpose

Broome Library seeks to present a broad spectrum of opinions and viewpoints. Permission to a group or individual to use the display case(s) does not constitute the library’s endorsement of the beliefs or viewpoints represented in displays. The Library does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in any single display.   


Displays should be appropriate in material, form, and content for the academic community. For example, the Library discourages material containing images that include significant elements of sexually explicit imagery or graphic depictions of violence. In general, the Library does not accept exhibits or displays of a purely commercial nature, unless they have a special educational, informational, or cultural value to the CI community.  If the display contains elements that may be of concern under this policy, the curator should discuss it with the Library Outreach and Engagement Team in advance of the installation date.   

Display Guidelines

  • Display space must be reserved in advance  
  • Displays are typically scheduled for one month at a time and must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the start date of the display.   
  • Submissions are reviewed by the Library Outreach and Engagement Team   
  • Display space may not be booked more than one year in advance  
  • Final approval for acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Library   
  • Whenever possible and suitable, the Library may request to incorporate books or materials from the Library’s collection which have relevance to the subject of the display to be included  
  • The display requestor is responsible for setting up and removing the display. This includes the delivery and placement of display materials. Please know that all activities, including the set-up and removal of displays, must be done during regular Library hours.  
  • All publicity related to the displays shall be submitted to the Outreach and Engagement Team for review to facilitate distribution to the various Library media outlets  
  • Due to space limitation, the Library cannot provide storage for the property of groups or individuals displaying in the Library  


The following areas are currently approved display areas in Broome Library   

First Floor

  • Children’s Area (BRO 1620)  
  • DVD Area (BRO 1550)  
  • Exhibit Hall (BRO 1320)  
  • Millennium News Center (BRO 1460)  
  • North Wall BRO 1330)  
  • Popular Books (BRO 1550)  
  • Reading Room (Display A)  
  • Reading Room (Display B)  
  • South Wall (BRO 1734)  
  • Upper Exhibit Hall (BRO 1420)  

Second Floor

  • Music Books Area (BRO 2680)  


All displays require a specific start and end date. Extensions on the end date can be made if the schedule allows. The Library maintains the right to cancel a display/exhibit at any time.    

Spaces in the Library may, on occasion, be available for receptions and other activities (demonstrations, receptions, talks, workshops) connected to a display/exhibit. These should be listed in the display/exhibit proposal form at the time of application. The Library Outreach and Engagement Team will review these requests and check the schedule to see whether a related activity may be held.   

Other Requirements

All items to be displayed must be submitted for review 30 days in advance.    

Library display cases cannot be removed from the library.    

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