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Political Exhibit 2016

Your Vote is Urgently Needed!

A look at the compaign trail through Broome Library's Unique Collections








Honored guests Dr. Mary McThomas and Mr. Tim Allison, J.D., will serve on a panel hosted by
Dr. Sean Q Kelly to discuss our political system.They will answer all of your election-related questions, like, "How did that dude get elected?" and "Does my vote really matter?"


Also on the agenda are ballot initiatives (legalized marijuana?), "What is going to happen this election?" and "Why is California voting on Drugs, Sex and Guns this year?"  You are sure to be entertained and entranced as they consider and race, gender, history, and bias in US governance.  All are welcome.

Event flyer (PDF, 1MB)

To request needed accommodations please contact Disability Resource Programs at (805) 437-3331 or as soon as possible, but no later than 5 business days prior to the event.


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