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Credential and Graduate Studies

Library Workshop Series

Co-sponsored by Broome Library and Project VISTA


Introduction to the Thesis
Led by Dr. Cynthia King
Tuesday, February 26th from 5pm – 6pm in the Graduate Studies Center, Main Campus, El Dorado Hall
After progressing through your program's series of classes, and working with a group of students and faculty in your studies of particular topics, many students find the solitary work of thesis research and writing to be extra challenging and perhaps even intimidating. There are many questions that arise, which we will explore in this introductory workshop. 
While we will not replace your faculty advisor, who has expertise in your chosen field, the Graduate Writing Studio offers informal (non-graded!) and professional help in the writing process itself. Please bring your notes and/or writing samples from your thesis/project to this workshop, and we will help you take the first (or next) steps. 
Broome Library and You: How the Broome Library Can Help Graduate Students
Led by Judy King
Tuesday, March 12th from 5pm – 6pm in the Broome Library, Room 1756, Main Campus
How do you find examples of Masters Theses written by CI students? How do you find theses written by students at other institutions? If the library does not have what you need to complete your post-baccalaureate assignments, how can you borrow materials from other institutions? We will provide answers to these and any other questions you have about Broome Library resources and materials!
If You Need To Do a Literature Review – This Session is For You!
Led by Janet Pinkley
Tuesday, March 26th from 5pm – 6pm in the Graduate Studies Center, Main Campus, El Dorado Hall
Post baccalaureate students are often required to conduct a literature review as part of a research assignment or as part of their thesis. Learn more about the purpose of a literature review, as well as how to get started and how to utilize the library to conduct a thorough search to locate literature on your topic. 
Joining the Conversation: Your Voice, Their Voice
Led by Margaret Driscoll
Tuesday, April 9th from 5pm – 6pm in the Graduate Studies Center, Main Campus, El Dorado Hall
You, as a post-baccalaureate student, are entering your field at an advanced professional level.  Learn more about the scholarly conversations taking place in various disciplines – and consider joining the conversation with your own writing/research.  This workshop will focus on how to honor others’ work through citation and how to prepare to publish your own work (and protect YOUR copyright!).
*If you have a laptop or other internet device please bring it with you; if not we will have a limited amount of devices available for students to use during the workshops.
* Feel free to bring your dinner along and eat before your next class!
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